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Website optimization, confirming with the demands of the search engines

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Website Optimization, - Customizing Web Pages for Search Engines

Well directed and qualified search engine optimization is a very important factor for the success of modern business.

Using the correct know-how on how search engines operate, the turnover you generate over the Net can be improved very considerably.

Search engine optimization is goal oriented and includes long term strategic planning.( we are not looking for short term success for just a few weeks ). This also means of course that it may take up to a few weeks until you will start finding your domain in the top positions your want. This only gradual improvement is due to the fact that you are not buying positions, you are convincing the search engines that your pages are so good, they have to start listing them!

We are so convince of our concept that we offer a Money Back Guaranty! Please contact us for details.

Express registration in Web catalogues, search engines and such promise you a lot, but give you no legal guarantee that your domain will actually be accepted.
That is not the way we work, as we see our main business in achieving top placements using proper site optimization - without incurring additional costs for our customers.

Our goal is to put you and your Web site in top positions in the Internet by using well directed, effective optimizations and measures in co-ordination with you, the customer. These top positions should not just be a short lived success, but yours to keep.

The Position your Page has in Search Engine Results is decisive

Web pages and domains are not automatically listed in search engines by default. Only in some rare cases are Web pages that were designed to please the eye optimized well enough for the rigorous requirements placed on them by modern Internet search engines. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and search engines, especially Google, have a very strict interpretation on what is pleasing!

This will lead to a better name recognition for you, your products and your Web Site. It also extreemly enhances your ROI, return of investment, for your web pages.


A well thought-out search engine strategy together with relevant, promotable Web page content will drastically improve the amount of real (welcome) visitors to your Web site. Here is a real-life example of a Web site promoted by us:

Promotion started end of November 2003.

To simply just register your domain with a search engine is useless, - may even be counter productive - if your Web pages are not considered to be fit for the Internet by the search engines themselves. ( Of course you may buy your way into placements, but this costs thousands per key word!)

  1. Analysis of your pages (Possible correction of errors in the source code, etc.)
  2. An Internet research of your key words (including competitors)
  3. Optimization of your complete internet site for search engine robots( bots for search engine indexing)
  4. Customizing and optimization of your contents and titles.
  5. Manual registration of your domain with the relevant search engines and catalogues
  6. Monitoring of your keyword positions in the search engine indexes

Under some conditions a well directed ranking optimization for specific subjects and keywords may be indicated.

Through analyses, consulting and services for optimal positioning in search engines we will offer your Web site more attention and success, thus traffic. We implement the measures necessary for the search engine optimization and discuss them with your webmaster and/or yourself, before these changes are put online.

Talk and promises are cheap - only success counts!

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If you would like to know more or would like to obtain an offer for you domain, then please use our email form.

Of course you can write us directly or call at:
 (204) 756-3981 from Canada or the USA
or from Europe: +49 (0) 89 36103463.