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Domains and companies we promote on the Internet

Fredrick's Software network & Design

80804 München


Existing Promoting Customers

Below are a few examples of customers that are successfully being promoted by us.

Carolan & Company / Real Estate Services and Cottage Rentals

Carolan & Company - Real Estate Services provide for your real estate needs in the beaches area at the northern end of Highway 59 in Manitoba on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg in Canada.


Fontana Klinik an den Thermen in Freiburg, Frankfurt and Zürich
Fontana Klinik an den Thermen

Fontana Klinik an den Thermen

We have developed various web pages for Fontana Klinik an den Thermen, which we currently also host in our capacity as an Internet Provider. With our Promoting System we have ensured that these pages are found on the Net in all major search engines.


Intec GmbH

Intec GmbH / Intec LLC

Intec GmbH is a medium sized software enterprise in Munich Germany, with subsidiaries in Cape Coral Florida - Intec Software LLC, and Pune India - Intec Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Intec's standard products are ISI ( computer based maintanance ), DASI ( document archival system ) and WTDS ( web based training and education ).

For quite a few years now Intec, it's web pages and it's products have been promoted by us successfully.


Grafton International

Grafton International

We are responsible for the Internet Promoting of Grafton International in Germany. The amount of visitors on their web pages has grown at a staggering rate since then.


Friztmeier Group

The Fritzmeier Group

We perform the Internet Promoting for the Fritzmeier Group.


August Stamminger GmbH

August Stamminger GmbH

August Stamminger GmbH is a company that builds and plans brick stoves and Franklin stoves.

Since we have taken over the Internet Promoting for August Stamminger GmbH their web page has been extreemly successfull, constantly drawing new customers. They now do a good part of their sales through the Internet! Before, the company had no customers through their web page, as the site could not be found on the Net.

Billresort in Thailand

Bill Resort right on beautiful Lamai Beach (Thailand)

Billresort is a vacation resort on Koh Samui - Thailand.

Due to our efforts at promoting their web page in the Internet the resort receives regular inquiries through their Net pages.


Mango Village - Koh Samui

Mango Village, Koh Samui - Thailand

The resort is situated just south of the Hin Da, Hin Yai tourist attractions. In the last 10 years Sumui has become one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Every year more and more arrive there seeking relaxation and peace below the palm trees and on the white beaches.

Due to our promoting Mango Village Resort receives more and more visitors on their web page and receives regular inquiries through the Internet.


Priv.Doz Dr. Matthias Voigt

Priv.Doz. Dr. Matthias Voigt

We have been performing web site development and Internet promoting for Priv.Doz Dr. Matthias Voigt for some years now.

Priv.Doz. Dr. Matthias Voigt is a specialist for plastic breast surgery. He acquired his specialist knowledge during his function as senior physician for the Department for Plastic and Hand Surgery at the University of Freiburg in Germay. He also acquired his knowledge during various sojourns abroad in specialized centers, among others in the USA.


Dr. Martin Zoppelt

Dr. Martin Zoppelt

For years now we have done consulting, web development, web hosting and Internet promoting for Dr. Martin Zoppelt.


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