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Ranking, Web Site Positionierung bei Suchmaschinen

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Ranking, Web Site Positioning with Search Engines

Ranking, What is that?

In search engine speak: Ranking = Position

Using well directed optimizing the informational content in your Web page is improved so the spiders, bots( search engine robots ) find and index the key words that belong to your page. Thus you obtain better positions in search engines and catalogues.

Of course there are limits. (There is a limited amount of top places per key word :-) ). These limits can be circumnavigated using specific measures and approaches making one Web presence more interesting for these robots than other pages. 

Please keep in mind: Without a relevant content, good promoting and optimization is not possible.

Relevant information should appear in the Meta Tags within an HTML document. Such information would be the author of the Web page, a short description of the content, the most important key words and when spiders, bots and other electronic crawlers should come by again.

There is a wide quantity of additional properties that can be optimized in a Web page, so that the search engine applications find it interesting or relevant. Search engine robots can be told, for instance, which pages should be indexed and which not. When using frames it should be ensured that a descriptive text is added. This text should describe the contents of the pages displayed in the frames, as many robots will not evaluate the contents of frame pages. Descriptive titles and head lines should also be used. Make sure the Web page is fitted with sufficient content. Content should be available in text form, as only text will be evaluated by the robots.

Why Ranking?

  1. To be ahead of the competition. After all hundred of Web pages are put online on a daily basis.
  2. To lead more users and potential customers to your Web domain.
  3. Because the more hits your domain achieves the better known you and your products become.
  4. Because you want to make sure that your name or your company's name pops up frequently for potential customers. This is called indirect advertising.
  5. To considerably lower your advertising budget. Newspaper or TV adds are expensive!
  6. To increase your name popularity, for prestige.
  7. Because you want to use the Internet to improve your sales.

We will take over this work for you for a fair price. We will position you and your pages in all relevant search engines and monitor the positions you have achieved, so that you will always be informed of where you stand.

Through the optimization we offer, we ensure that the Internet pages of our customers are placed in forward positions in search engines and stay there.

We are so convinced of our website promoting that we offer a money back guarantee should we fail to place your webpages in top positions for your selected keywords. Please contact us for more details.

We also make sure you are only listed in categories relevant for you and your products, thus improving the Page Rank of your domain.

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If you would like to know more or would like to obtain an offer for you domain, then please use our email form.

Of course you can write us directly or call at:
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