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Fredrick's Software network & Design

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Web Promotions Service, Internet Lists and Search Engine Registration

We will register your domain with the most important Internet search engines, web catalogues and link lists. Entries in large Internet catalogues and search engines( such as Google, Yahoo, Lycos, DMOZ, Excite, etc ) are done manually. Registration entries in smaller search engines and link lists are done automatically using an application that was developed specifically for this purpose.

Because we enter your domain manually ( not with some search engine entry software ) in the most important search engines, we can ensure that your site is really only found in the categories, directories and link lists relevant for you.

Registrations are done after precise tuning of your pages and search words, so that you achieve the best possible positions within the Internet search engines.

Our experience has shown that you can arrive at top placements without having to purchase expensive keyword placements from search engines or partner programs. ( This is something we do without alltogether ) Our current customers have all achieved top positions - that is placements within the first 30 positions - for some keywords first 10 or even first place. The positions are maintained and sustained against their competitors.

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If you would like to know more or would like to obtain an offer for you domain, then please use our email form.

Of course you can write us directly or call at:
 (204) 756-3981 from Canada or the USA
or from Europe: +49 (0) 89 36103463.