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Fredrick's Software network & Design

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Content Management Systems often just abreviated as CMS are becoming more and more important. Typo3 is one of their most common representatives and is used by us increasingly to develop search engine friendly web sites.

The advantage of Content Management Systems is that a design is created once by an expert, such as a graphics specialist. Specialists for the individual subjects will then create the content of the pages. These people who create contents are called redactors.

Additionally there are countless so called plugins for Typo3 that facilitate and standardize certain jobs, such as sending emails, displaying photos, or developing web shops.

After the initial planning phase, where the layout is defined, filling the pages with content later is accomplished relatively quickly. Thus creating a full blown and extensive Internet or intranet site in relatively short time.

As Typo3 creates relatively good HTML code, it can be promoted very well.

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